Remembering Dickens on his birthday

“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts”~ Hard Times Happy Birthday to the man who enriched the reading habits of our generation! He introduced us to the Victorian workhouses, to characters like Scrooge, Marley, Oliver Twist, Fagin, Dodger, Pip, Mrs Havisham, Bill Sikes, Nancy;Continue reading “Remembering Dickens on his birthday”

An attempt at pastiche… on Hartfield, Mr Woodhouse and Emma

“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight.”~ Jane Austen ‘Give a loose to your fancy…’ says Ms. Austen, and I did. With apologies to the immortal Jane Austen whose 241st birthday was celebrated yesterday, here’s an (distorted) adaptation, a pastiche of Chapter Three of Emma, the characters being replaced by my feathered friends. The greenContinue reading “An attempt at pastiche… on Hartfield, Mr Woodhouse and Emma”

The Lotus Eaters

    The land of the Lotus Eaters comes real and alive in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famous poem ‘The Lotus Eaters’; the land “in which it seemed always afternoon” as the atmosphere was so peaceful and languid. The poem takes you to a dreamland and leaves you droopy eyed and intoxicated! All round the coastContinue reading “The Lotus Eaters”

The Land Of Lotus Blooms

‘And Flora gave the lotus, ‘rose-red’ dyed, And ‘lily-white’ – the queenliest flower that blows.’~Toru Dutt~   The flower Lotus brings a myriad of images to me…The childhood days when we  carefully attempted to draw a perfect lotus flower (hardly knowing that it’s our national flower), proudly standing above the bright blue waters. With greatContinue reading “The Land Of Lotus Blooms”