To mend each tattered Faith…

To mend each tattered Faith There is a needle fair Though no appearance indicate— ’Tis threaded in the Air— And though it do not wear As if it never Tore ’Tis very comfortable indeed And spacious as before— Emily Dickinson Torn and tattered Faith will be mended when the right time comes and regardless ofContinue reading “To mend each tattered Faith…”

Super Moon…moon tales never end.

  Yet another Super Moon!!! The Moon has come very close to the Earth after decades! The distance between the two is known by an interesting term- perigee. I walked to the Saigon river banks yesterday but was a bit late to see the rising moon. The moon was up and glowing like an oversizedContinue reading “Super Moon…moon tales never end.”

Daisy, the poet’s darling

Contented they are in their lowly status Daisies spread joy to the beholder. Here are lines from three different poets on the simple, demure yet cheerful Daisies…A bed of daisies on a hill station brought back flowery memories of  Munnar days… smell of the fresh air, pine trees, evergreens, bird songs and cool weather.   SaidContinue reading “Daisy, the poet’s darling”

Oh! darkly deeply beautifully blue!

Oh! “darkly, deeply, beautifully blue,” As someone somewhere sings about the sky. Lord Byron The dreamy quietness of the blue up above has the power to sooth your soul. The unruffled nature of the vastness of the blue sky overawes you and sponges your worries and woes away. Peace and happiness just fill your being.Continue reading “Oh! darkly deeply beautifully blue!”

The days when the smiles over tears will prevail…

  August sky has been a drama queen, a tantrum queen!  The bold and wild artist that she is, she throws her hissy fit throwing her paint and colours all around her at the end of the day. With lights and sounds she scares the mortals down.  Her  brilliant creativity and imagination flow unrestrained andContinue reading “The days when the smiles over tears will prevail…”

Have you got a brook in your little heart?

August, with her leaping clouds and cheery blooms, is in town! Hello August…Hearty welcome! Today’s dawn was so bright and cheerful! A row of  Rain Lilies/ Zephyranthes  just about to bloom in the early morning sunlight was a delightful sight. I waited for the lilies to bloom fully and the pink burst of joy filledContinue reading “Have you got a brook in your little heart?”

Shades of Rain…

Look out at the July skies! Ready to burst open at anytime. Mountains of clouds come floating with no warning; heavy hearted they hover around for a while, then they pour down… The hooded clouds, like friars, Tell their beads in drops of rain. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow June-July rains are entirely different in Kerala, myContinue reading “Shades of Rain…”

Inebriate of air am I…

    Who else can elevate your spirit on a grumpy Wednesday morning?! Emily’s poetry works as a magic potion. The mood monsters that can slow you and dull you are spirited away and thrown out of the window by a Dickinson poem. This one did spirit me up today!   I TASTE a liquorContinue reading “Inebriate of air am I…”

Who knocks? That April!

Who knocks? That April! Lock the door! I will not be pursued! He stayed away a year, to call When I am occupied. But trifles look so trivial As soon as you have come, That blame is just as dear as praise And praise as mere as blame. ( from ‘Dear March come in…’ -EmilyContinue reading “Who knocks? That April!”

The moon was but a chin of gold…

  THE MOON was but a chin of gold A night or two ago, And now she turns her perfect face Upon the world below. Her forehead is of amplest blond; Her cheek like beryl stone; Her eye unto the summer dew The likest I have known. Emily Dickinson     The Moon shines soContinue reading “The moon was but a chin of gold…”