The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms-sweep vale-and hill-and tree…

A Lady red—amid the Hill
Her annual secret keeps!
A Lady white, within the Field
In placid Lily sleeps!

The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms—
Sweep vale—and hill—and tree!
Prithee, My pretty Housewives!
Who may expected be?

The Neighbors do not yet suspect!
The Woods exchange a smile!
Orchard, and Buttercup, and Bird—
In such a little while!

And yet, how still the Landscape stands!
How nonchalant the Hedge!
As if the “Resurrection”
Were nothing very strange!

Emily Dickinson

Here’s a delightful one from Emily Dickinson. A big preparation for the annual visit of Spring is going on. Even though the housewives can not hold their excitement, they are cautious not to make much ado. Secretly and hurriedly they prepare their homes and themselves for the yearly visit. In case he makes a quiet entry, the first step of Spring shouldn’t go unnoticed just because the houses are in a mess. Even the neighbours do not suspect that the homes are getting ready to welcome someone. But the Woods somehow have heard the news and they exchange smiles. Vale and Hills are swept and mopped clean. Soon birds will come, buttercups will bloom, orchards will rejoice. The Landscape and the Hedge, are unaffected by the heightened fuss. They are not too much concerned about these preparatory measures as they know that this is an annual affair. ‘Resurrection’ takes place religiously every year! There is nothing strange or new about it.

A Lady red-amid the Hill

A Lady White- within the Field

NB : I interpret Emily the way I understand her.

2 thoughts on “The tidy Breezes, with their Brooms-sweep vale-and hill-and tree…

  1. I so enjoy coming to your blog and finding yet another new delight. I’ve never come across this poem by Emily, and I think your interpretation is wonderful. It’s a wonderful poem for Easter, as well as for spring, and there are too few of those that aren’t either too cynical or too sweet.

    The white flower looks much like our crinum lily. So pretty!


  2. Thank you, Thank you Linda! Yes it is a beautiful poem and am so glad you enjoyed it. The white Spider lily is seen everywhere here, I didn’t know that it is called crinum lily.


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