Pastoral Idylls…

  Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape Lay as if new-created in all the freshness of childhood. Peace seemed to reign upon earth, … All sounds were in harmony blended.~ Longfellow   Those lines give an all-is-well-here picture of an ideal and idyllic landscape. I was reading ‘TheContinue reading “Pastoral Idylls…”

Blue moon, a broken toe and some moon musings!

Blue Moon, as once in a blue moon! That was a long wait for the rare celestial event called Blue Moon…Even though I knew that there’s nothing blue about it, the element of excitement was no less. This cosmic phenomenon took place on the 31st of July, but to my dismay a bunch of cloudsContinue reading “Blue moon, a broken toe and some moon musings!”